Thank you for being here,standing together through thick and thin

Thank you for being here,standing together through thick and thin

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SummaryHappy New Year!

Thank you for being here,standing together through thick and thin

SummaryHappy New Year!

  • classification:2022
  • Author:Chen Xiang
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  • Time:2022-01-01
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Green rejuvenation gradually, everything begins to renew

In this beautiful moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, Sinoseal extends sincere wishes and thanks to customers, friends from all walks of life and all employees!

2021 is an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 has sporadic outbreaks, epidemic prevention and control are normalized, and the whole country has taken various measures to actively defeat the epidemic.

Sinosealalso withstood all kinds of tests brought by the epidemic in this year. In the face of the surge of the sudden epidemic, the company strictly guarded against it, worked together in the same boat, overcame the difficulties, and went all out to resume work and production, which explained the spirit, strength and responsibility of Sinosealwith its actions!

Unite to fight the epidemic and go all out to grasp production.

In 2021, Sinoseal still has a strong momentum in the market competition, with frequent good news.


The domestic dry gas seal and control system of the world's largest and first slurry bed residue hydrogenation plant in China has been successfully put into operation. It marks that Sinoseal has once again handed over a satisfactory answer on the road of localization of key components of high-end equipment.


Passed the product prototype appraisal of "Haiyang Nuclear Power's 2020 Imported Mechanical Seal Spare Parts Localization Project". The product prototype has filled the domestic gap, has independent intellectual property rights, and its main technical parameters and performance indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products.


Passed the prototype appraisal meeting of "hydrodynamic seal assembly of reactor coolant pump in million KW nuclear power plant".


The dry gas seal of the first domestic gas injection centrifugal compressor for gas storage independently developed by the company was successfully put into operation in Huangcaoxia. It marks the first successful start-up of dry gas seal of gas injection centrifugal compressor in gas storage in China, creating a precedent for domestic centrifugal compressor to be used in gas injection process in gas storage.


The demonstration application of key technologies of main drive seal of large roadheader was approved by the national key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China.


The pure water hydraulic support seal of its subsidiary UTEC was rated as "high-quality brand product of China's coal machinery industry" and won the first prize of coal machinery equipment innovation.


NDIV has made another breakthrough in specialization and innovation, and the check valve of million ton ethylene plant is fully covered - warmly congratulate Gulei refining and chemical on the success of one-time start-up of million ton ethylene.


NDIV 24 "Class600, 24" Class900 forced sealing ball valves have passed the localization appraisal.


The optimization and reconstruction of the manufacturing workshop of Sinoseal headquarters, the formal completion of the new plant of Sunny Seal phase II, and the successful offline of the first complete sets of seal products of Sunny Seal... Marks that Sinoseal is developing in an all-round way in the direction of large-scale, intensive and intelligent manufacturing.


In 2021, the company's intelligent manufacturing will reach a new level. The Group's ERP is fully launched to promote the company's information construction into a new era, and effectively promote the group , industry and finance integration and internationalization goals.


Won the title of "Top 50 enterprises in Sichuan Machinery Industry in 2020".

The tense and orderly year 2021 is leaving in a hurry, and the year 2022 full of passion and dreams is coming.

In 2022, Sinoseal will continue to uphold the core values of "creating value and pursuing excellence", shoulder the corporate mission of "ensuring safety and protecting the environment", and strive to build a large sealing industrial cluster and walk out a new road from discrete manufacturing to intelligent development according to the information strategy of Smart Sinoseal 123.


Wish all the friends and investors from all walks of life good health and all the best in the new year!

Happy New Year!


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