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Seal Intelligent Monitoring System


Profile of Functions:

SIMS is an on-line state detection and expert diagnosis system for the centrifugal compressor dry gas seal and pump mechanical seal. It integrates the rich sealing knowledge and experience of Sinoseal Holding and the solutions of relevant sealing problems and combines the artificial intelligence technology with industry expert knowledge to provide customers with remote monitoring service of sealing products, discovery seal operation potential problems, identify possible failure modes, provide seal health tracking, diagnosis and in-depth analysis report, and carry out reliability analysis, health management and lifetime prediction of seal.

Available services
For the purpose of ensuring the continuous operation of equipment, the SIMS of Sinoseal Holding can ensure the efficient operation of your equipment, and our engineers will provide:

● Professional technical engineers will track, monitor and report your equipment
● Automatic early warning and alarm via e-mail, giving prompt for abnormal state
● Customers can view the data visualization portal of Sinoseal Holding at any time for equipment management
● Provide accurate one-to-one monitoring services for different industries and units.

Working Process
The Information Diagram of Working Principle


Potential Value

√ The equipment management mode is upgraded and integrated into the whole life cycle management concept of products to improve the quality and efficiency of services.
√ The professional analysis provide scientific decision-making basis for equipment managers.
√ Reduce the requirements of equipment managers for sealing professional knowledge and ability, and reduce the frequency of on-site inspection of equipment.
√ From original failure handling to failure prediction, from actual maintenance to predictive maintenance, you can enjoy the service of continuous and unified standard system or technical experts in real time.

Product cases

●   Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical

Deploy and use remote state monitoring for dry gas seal of 1000KTA continuous reforming plants(4 sets of aromatic hydrocarbon units,including circulating hydrogen compressor k-3201, booster compressor k3202-1, k3202-2, k3202-3 ) in 2017.


●  Sinopec Jingmen Petrochemical
The deployment of remote state monitoring for 5 sets of tandem dry gas seals ,including lubricating oil, residual oil, diesel oil, reforming and alkylation, is in progress.


●  Lu’an Group

The deployment of remote state monitoring for 3 sets of urea compressor dry gas seal is in progress.


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