Mechanical </br>seals for pumps
Mechanical </br>seals for pumps

seals for pumps

Mechanical seal is the most commonly used sealing device in rotating equipment. Its design is complex as well as many different types and arrangements are available for a very wide and varied selection of process specific applications. Utilizing our well proven technology and vast industry related experience, we have provided optimum design and most suitable sealing solutions to original equipment manufacturers and end user customers in the refinery, petrochemical, coal chemical, crude oil pipeline, pulp and paper industries. Our excellent technical support and aftersales service keep installation time to the minimum and significantly reducing plant maintenance cost.
Dry gas seals for</br> compressors
Dry gas seals for</br> compressors

Dry gas seals for

To date, we have provided our end user customers and original equipment manufacturers over 10000 sets of dry gas seals for compressors used in the refinery, petrochemical, coal chemical, and natural gas pipeline industries. We provided our customers with latest available technology, most suitable design and the right application to ensure optimum reliability, safety and performance are achieved.
Support systems for</br> compressors
Support systems for</br> compressors

Support systems for

Our API compliance and custom designed control system are manufactured according to the exact process and operating conditions of the compressor. we also provide individual unitized functional module such as heat tracing, pressure boosting, nitrogen generation and liquid removal as well as other special application requirements. Our control systems are designed using modular concept and manufactured according to industrial and original equipment manufacturer’s application experience. This will optimize the reliability and performance of dry gas seal during normal and transient operating conditions.


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After years of technical research and development, summary and innovation,Sinoseal has developed a series of products, mainly including: dry gas seal, high-speed, high-pressure, large shaft diameter mechanical seal, high and low temperature metal bellows mechanical seal, slurry seals and split seals, and auxiliary systems that meet API682 standards, silicon carbide seal rings, hydraulic turbine oil receivers, rotary jet pumps, etc. The company's products are widely used in many industries.


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Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

From exploration and production to transportation of oil & gas, as well as stickycrude oil to purified natural gas, Sinoseal’s is capable of providing thefullrange of mechanical seal, dry gas seal, control system and related productsthatengineered for these specific processes. Our in depth industrial related application engineering knowledge and experience, supported by our streamlined aftersales service ensure the reliable and uninterrupted operation of customer’s rotating equipment. 



From crude distillation to heavy oil catalytic cracking, residue hydrogenation to aromatics extraction, viscous and high temperature heavy oil to clean diesel and aromatics, Sinoseal’s full range of mechanical seals , dry gas seals and its support systems are engineered to tolerate the most demanding process environment such as thechemical reactionsgenerated by the complex media under high pressure , high temperature operating conditions.Our reliable sealing productsensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of customer’s critical rotating equipment and protect the environment it operates in with minimum leaks. 

Petrochemicals and Chemicals

Petrochemicals and Chemicals

From refinery products to basic chemicals, ethylene to various polymers, polymer to the various chemical products that we used daily, the entire petrochemical product chain is complex and has many categories and the related process to produce these countless by- products are ever-changing and new ideas bring forth. 
With its extensive portfolio of sealing technology and services, Sinoseal covers all the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry.


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Since its establishment, SINOSEAL has continuously provided customers with comprehensive,high-quality and professional services.


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