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Bearing Isolators


Bearing Isolators

Product TypeB6

As a new type of isolator instead of the traditional lip seal, bearing isolator has the capability to extend bearing life and increase equipment reliability by protecting rotating equipment against contamination ingress and lubrication loss.

Ideal for rotating equipment including centrifugal pumps, motors, blowers, bearing boxes, etc.

The type of bearing isolator is mandatory for the process pump bearing box according to API 610.

Bearing Isolators

Structure and sealing principle:

Main components of bearing isolators: rotor drive ring (Pcs 1), static ring (Pcs 1), floating seal ring (Pcs 3)

The static ring is fixed with housing by the seal ring (Pcs 4), with the oil return channel below the oil reservoir slot

The rotor drive ring is fixed with rotor by the rotor seal ring, forming multiple 90 ° bends and buffer housing with the static ring. Impurities from the outside are discharged through the sewage drain directly under the gravity and centrifugal force.

The special designed floating seal ring integrates the static ring and rotor drive ring, equivalent to static seal in static condition, isolate the bearing from external environment; the floating seal ring ‘lifts’ by the centrifugal force during operation, greatly reducing abrasion, and expansion gas in bearing housing is released safely.

Technical Features

● non-contacting
● No abrasion on shaft
● No additional torque, energy saving
● No need separate lubrication
● Easy installation & free maintenance

Technical Data

√ Material:bearing bronze (standard)
√ Speed :≤45m/s
√ Axial Movement:≤0.15mm
√ Radial Movement:≤0.30mm
√ Shaft Size:20~250mm
√ Temperature:-37~120℃(NBR)/  -20~200℃(FKM)
√ Pressure:0 bar   
√ Standard lengths:16/18/23mm

Quality Assurance

The continuous operation time of a bearing isolator is not less than one overhaul period (25000h), recommend replacing it every 3 years.

Technical Services

Provide on-site technical services and operation training, guidance for on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance; solve onsite seal issues or failures with quick response and high efficiency.

Special instructions

Different from contacting seals, bearing isolator B6 isn’t available for pressurized condition. Bearing isolators with a variety of materials and structures are available for meeting individual requirements of customers.

Bearing Isolators


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