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Rotary Jet Pumps


Rotary Jet Pumps

Rotary jet pump

Performance capabilities:

Flow range:0.5~60 m³/h

Lift range:20~1000 m

Speed range:1500~5000 r/min

Medium temperature:≤200℃


As shown. Rotary jet pump is made up of Case (Bearing Housing),Drive shaft,Impeller,Rotor Cavity, Pick-up Tube,Manifold and antifriction bearing.  The mechanical seal is installed in the inlet of Impeller.


As shown. Drive shaft drives the Rotor Cavity and Impeller rotating, and the Pick-up Tube is inactive. On the top of Pick-up Tube, there is an opening along the tangent direction, that is the inlet of Pick-up Tube. The arrow indicates the motion direction of fluid in pump. Fluid inflow into Impeller (which rotates with Rotor Cavity) through the Manifold, then enter Rotor Cavity, finally go into Pick-up Tube through its entrance, Pick-up Tube collects high kinetic energy fluid in Rotor Cavity and converts more fluid kinetic energy into pressure energy, and then output fluid.

Feature: Rotary Jet Pump is a kind of high pressure pump, which can adjust the flow rate, work on the whole range of the lift curve, and with stable performance.


● With simple structure, the assembly ,disassembly and maintenance is very convenient; The quick-wearing parts of the whole unit is Mechanical Seal only ,so maintenance cost is low;
● The Mechanical Seal is installed at the inlet of pump, as its pressure is low, therefore it is easy to realize the sealing (Especially compared with ordinary high pressure pump) , the assembly and disassembly is very convenient and Mechanical Seal has long working life;
● There is no contact between Drive shaft and medium, no need to consider its corrosion resistance.  And bearing service life is long;
● Almost no axial force, fundamentally overcome the problem of large axial force and hard control for force direction,which is common for multistage pump and high speed pump.


● The medium from Impeller has a stable process in the Rotor Cavity, and the flow-head curve is still stable when the flow rate is very small(0~3m³/h),with no hump;It can operate stably at any point in the range from zero flow to design flow.
● No disc friction loss ,with high efficiency.

Application characteristic  (Rotary Jet Pump can be applied to the following special conditions)

● Medium containing certain particles;
● Ultra small flow parameters;

● Large gap of working condition between normal flow and the rated flow.

Rotary jet pump

Rotary Jet Pumps

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