Market Breakthrough, Production Guarantee-Sinoseal is fighting hard and presenting the National birthday!

Market Breakthrough, Production Guarantee-Sinoseal is fighting hard and presenting the National birthday!

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SummarySinoseal is fighting hard and presenting the National birthday!

Market Breakthrough, Production Guarantee-Sinoseal is fighting hard and presenting the National birthday!

SummarySinoseal is fighting hard and presenting the National birthday!

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  • Time:2021-10-01
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Under the soft sunshine, green mountains and rivers spread all over our motherland. In this golden season of crisp autumn and fragrant osmanthus, the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China has been ushered in. On this day of national celebration, Sinoseal people fight on the front line and present the motherland's birthday with professional service and full enthusiasm!

Market breakthrough

——Retain customers with services, Sinoseal returns to Brunei

Hengyi Brunei (overseas) site

After 568 days, the company's sales staff Zhang Pengfei and service engineer Wu Dongsheng boarded the international flight again and went to the user site in Brunei. Brunei was at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic. While doing a good job of epidemic prevention, they did not dare to relax the inspection work for a moment. They insisted on going to the site with customers, and sweat soaked their clothes every day.

Hengyi Brunei (overseas) site

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the company’s service personnel escorted users at the Hengyi Brunei (overseas) site, completing the company’s supporting xylene tower bottom pump, high-pressure and high-temperature hot water circulation pump and other key equipment mechanical seal maintenance work, ensuring the customer’s on-site installation Safe and smooth operation. It uses practical actions to interpret the business philosophy of "Occupy the market with technology and retain customers with service" of Sinoseal.

——Good news from the Sinoseal’s sales and service fronts in the golden autumn

The Mid Autumn Festival brings good news. Sino-Russian East Route Natural Gas Pipeline Project (Changling-Yongqing) is a national key energy project, in which the construction of Yongqing compressor station is one of the key work of the project and an important guarantee for natural gas supply in Beijing. Sinoseal undertakes the supporting task of dry gas seals of compressor units in Yongqing compressor station.

The user's service notification is the command. After receiving the notice, Sinoseal immediately dispatched personnel to the site to cooperate with SBW to complete the equipment inspection of the machine. Duan Youpeng of the sales department, Zhao Yong and Guo Chao of the service personnel and Kuang li of the technology department actively communicated with the users in depth, carefully collected the unit operation data, carefully inspected various works before startup, and completed the 2# unit commissioning during the replacement of the dry gas seal of the 1# unit. They worked hard for 20 consecutive days to overcome various complex and changeable problems such as the increase of primary leakage gas flow of dry gas seal during installation and commissioning, ensure the progress requirements of the project, and fully demonstrate the technical strength of the company and the overall combat effectiveness of the team. On September 19, several leaders of North Pipeline Company inspected the commissioning of Yongqing compressor station, fully affirmed our response speed and ability to deal with problems, and praised the excellent after-sales service of Sinoseal.

Leaders of North pipeline inspected Yongqing station

Yongqing compressor station under the night

Production Guarantee

——Fight for a hundred days with high morale, concentrate on ensuring production

Sinoseal person sticks to the posts late at night

Since the beginning of this year, the company's production and manufacturing tasks have increased sharply, and the Manufacturing department 1 has taken multiple measures to actively carry out the activity of "fighting for a hundred days". In the hot summer, the roaring machines in the workshop and the sweaty enthusiasm of the workers played the song of struggle together.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, severe cold and heat, everyone is always in high spirits. Every busy figure and happy expression in the workshop late at night. It is the purest insistence of the Sinoseal people and the firmest original intention of the craftsman.

Employees busy in the production line on weekends

——Anxious for customers' needs, Solve customers' difficulties

In mid August, Dagang Petrochemical Branch of CNPC urgently entrusted A301 power separator to retrofit dry gas seal, and required to complete the delivery of dry gas seal and system within one month to ensure that the unit was put into operation on schedule.

A301 power separator is the key equipment of polypropylene unit. Once the seal leaks, the whole unit will shut down and directly affect the production of users. This retrofit has tight time, heavy tasks and great responsibilities, but " Anxious for customers' needs, Solve customers' difficulties" is our goal to move forward. Mei Lichuan, from the technical department of the company, as the main designer of the system, works overtime on weekdays and spindles on weekends, studies data, actively contacts users to determine on-site implementation conditions and complete design tasks on schedule.

On September 20, at the time of the Mid Autumn Festival and family reunion, Mei Lichuan bravely took the heavy responsibility, gave up the opportunity to spend holidays with his family, and spared no effort to fly to Dagang Petrochemical site to guide the piping of dry gas seal system, cooperate with users to debug instruments, verify the air tightness of on-site pipelines, and explain the product performance and operating parameters of the company to users in detail, which effectively ensures the successful test run of dry gas seal and system. Dagang Petrochemical is brightly lit at night, the night of full moon is perfect and romantic because of the silent efforts of Comrade Mei Lichuan. This is the most beautiful interpretation of our business philosophy of "occupy the market with technology and retain customers with service".

Technicians explain the system to users on site

Site hoisting of dry gas seal system

——I’m a party member, I’ll go first, I’m in charge of my post

On September 25, raw gas compressor dry gas seal of Hami Guanghui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s was abnormal during the start-up process, which affected the normal production of the entire unit. The situation was very urgent. The customer requested Sinoseal to immediately arrange technicians to rush to the site to investigate the cause and solve the problem.

In the face of a sudden emergency, Comrade Wu Shiren, as the technical backbone of the dry gas seal team, fully reflected the spirit of the Communist Party members who had the courage to take responsibility and rush ahead, gave up the weekend break, volunteered and immediately rushed to the customer site more than 2300 kilometers away. Four hours of plane and more than ten hours of car finally arrived at the user's site on the afternoon of the 26th. Regardless of the fatigue of traveling, Comrade Wu Shiren immediately entered the plant site to understand the sealing start-up process and investigate the parameter setting of the system.

Field investigation system parameters

Collect on-site data, organize video conference, report on-site situation to company leaders and agree on solutions. Connected with the user, the design institute and the OEMs, cooperated with the user to complete the retrofit and commissioning of the site control system, and repeatedly confirmed every detail from the layout of the pipeline to the opening of the valve. In the early morning of the 27th, the unit finally started smoothly. The expected data on the central control screen is the significance of Comrade Wu Shiren's fighting for dozens of hours.

" I’m a party member, I’ll go first, I’m in charge of my post", Comrade Wu Shiren practiced the responsibility and mission of a grass-roots party member with practical actions.

Service personnel arrive at the customer's site

——Do All in Fighting for the Group ERP Online

In July of 2021, the Group ERP of Sinoseal-Sunny was successfully launched. According to the strategic deployment of collective informatization, Dalian Sun Seals section will be launched in October. Since the beginning of the year, Sun Seals people have been following the footsteps of the group headquarters and making preparations for the launch of the Group ERP. From the blueprint report at the beginning to the visit and study of the ERP team to the headquarters, followed by the practice simulation of one round, two rounds and three rounds. Everyone didn't waste every inch of time. They fought all night and went all out for the same goal.

Financial colleagues fought all night


The launch of Dalian Sun Seals section of Sinoseal Group ERP is an important sign that Sun Seals information construction has entered a new stage and is one of the important links for the group headquarters to achieve the objectives of collectivization, industry finance integration and internationalization.On October 1st, The Dalian Sun Seals section of Sinoseal Group ERP will be launched .Sinosea-Sun seals people will work together to build wisdom with the most beautiful encounter in the golden autumn. Sinoseal wishes the 72nd anniversary of the motherland.

——Help enterprises develop vigorously, and talent recruitment is in action

In order to cope with the talent gap in the company's rapid development process, the administration department launched the company's annual autumn campus recruitment activity in August. In the second half of the year, the whole company has more than 150 talent recruitment needs, covering design, sales, production, procurement, NC machining and other positions. In September, the propaganda work of colleges and universities in Chengdu has been completed. In October, campus recruitment of colleges and universities in major cities such as Chongqing, Xi'an, Dalian and Beijing will continue to be opened. Students from the 2021 and 2022 who are committed to making great progress in specialized and new fields, such as initiative, over control, machinery manufacturing and numerical control technology, are welcome to join. The future is wonderful, welcome to Sinoseal.

During the National Day, these middle-class people who paid silently for the development of the seal business were unable to reunite with their families. Some were busy in the workshop just to ensure the production progress; some were at customer sites thousands of miles or even thousands of miles away to ensure the user’s site stable operation, maintaining their home country honor.

Sinoseal has strive for the vision of becoming a world-class fluid equipment supplier and presents the national birthday by its own actions


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