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Overcome difficulties, Win-Win for the Future - Congratulations for Sinoseal on Winning the "2020 Best Delivery Award" of Sulzer (Suzhou)

On December 29, 2020, Sinoseal was invited to participate in the 2020 Supplier Conference held by Sulzer Pumps Suzhou Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sulzer") in Suzhou, and won the "2020 Best Delivery Award". As a world-class pump manufacturer, Sulzer is in a leading position in petrochemical process pumps, large-scale centrifugal pumps for nuclear power equipment, and petroleum pipeline pumps. Sinoseal stood out among Sulzer's many mechanical seal suppliers and won this honor, which is the affirmation and encouragement given by users to Sinoseal. With the COVID-19 sweeping across China, 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year.  During the epidemic period, under the dual pressure of its own difficulties in returning to work and suppliers not being approved to return to work, Sinoseal firmly believed in ensuring supply, promoting development and win-win cooperation. With the concerted efforts of the technology department, production department, procurement department, manufacturing department 1, manufacturing department 2 and quality assurance department, it is of great significance to overcome the difficulties, complete the first batch of products in time and deliver them to Sulzer factory with quality and quantity guaranteed, so as to avoid the risk of shutdown of the user's production line after the resumption of work. Sulzer expressed his sincere thanks to Sinoseal for this. In 2020, Sinoseal adheres to the business philosophy of "occupying the market with technology and retaining customers with service" in the early technical exchanges, product processing, product delivery, after-sales service and other aspects. Under the cooperation with all departments of Sinoseal and Huayang Seals, with a high sense of responsibility and efficient execution, We provided high-quality products on time for Sulzer on major supporting projects, such as Zhejiang Petrochemical Phase II, Shenghong Refining & Chemical, Zhenhai Refining, Zhejiang Yisheng, etc.  In the future, Sinoseal will continue to take customer demand as its own responsibility and unswervingly develop sealing business.    

International Energy Agency: Oil production in oil-producing countries other than OPEC is plummeting

On May 14th, Beijing time, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its latest monthly market report that global oil production outside the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) fell faster than expected, with the US leading the decline. The IEA said that crude oil production in non-OPEC oil-producing countries decreased by 1.1 million barrels / day in April from a year earlier. Crude oil production will decrease by 6.7 million barrels per day from March to June, reaching an unprecedented level. Most of the decline was mainly driven by the United States and Canada. Expected to fall further in May. The decline in US output will exceed that of other major oil-producing countries. "The collapse in demand and prices has forced crude oil producers around the world to shut down supplies faster than anyone had expected," the IEA said. In the United States, "shale oil production activity levels have fallen to record lows, and almost all operators have shut down uneconomic production."


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