Delayed Coking Unit
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Application performances

HengYi Refinery Complex, Brunei

Flexible coking unit rich gas compressor Tag No.:1070-K201 Seal model:S727L Equipment model:MCL453 Shaft OD :132mm InletPress.:0.12(LP cylinder)/0.323(HP cylinder)Mpa OutletPress.:0.3505(LP cylinder)/2.3(HP cylinder)Mpa Speed:12310rpm InletTemp. :44(LP cylinder)/40(HP cylinder)℃ OutletTemp. :99.64(LP cylinder)/115.69(HP cylinder)℃


Sinopec Zhenhai Petrochemical

Delayed coking unit heating furnace Feeding pump Seal model:H123 Operation Temp. :360℃ Operation Press.:Inlet0.24MPa /Outlet3MPa Speed:2980RPM API plan:32+53A OEM:Ebara Equipment model:TDF250-100×4 In operation since 2011


CNPC Fushun Petrochemical

2.4 MTA delayed coking unit radiation feed pump Tag No.: P-102A/B/C Medium :Residue Seal model:CMB053W/B01 Temp. :334℃ Press.:0.2/4.5 MPaG Speed:2980 rpm API plan:32+53B OEM: Flowserve Equipment model:6WTP-143 In operation since 2014


Zhejiang Petrochemical

3.20MTA Delayed coking uint HP water pump Tag No.:1104-P-0501A/B Equipment type :BB2 Medium :Decoking water Temp. :AMB Speed:4000rpm API plan:32 Seal model:CM20B In operation since 2019




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